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Apps & Web solutions – Live Demo

Click on the titles and the images below to test the Apps and the web solutions provided by Mediacontents!

Active App

Active App

Active App is an photo-App for smartphones and tablet that adds digital photo props that can be used by the event staff (hostess) to photograph guests, sending the an email notification to a specific photo web page generated by the system itself.

Active Pro

 Active Pro

Active Pro is an app that sends directly to the host email, a link to download the picture just taken by a Mediacontents photographer, sending the an email notification to a specific photo web page generated by the system itself.

Active Coupon

Active Coupon

A delivery system based on a coupon (card) with an unique code, by typing which on the event’s custom page indicated on the coupon itself, you can download the photo of you, taken by the Mediacontents photographer in the event.


An informations web site that collects all the informations about the event (eg. calendar activities, location, theme, special guests, etc.). Access can be free or regulated by a password, the site is fully responsive for any device.


Dashboard Website

An advanced web system that, in addition to the “informations web site”, includes a platform to manage and send invitations, guest activities a web registration system at the event and more.



Gallery is a multifunctional tool that can be used as a photo-site of the event and also as a photo archive. With Gallery photos are categorized and divided into phases or location for quick reference.

 App development and custom software

Websites, software, App iOs and Android: conceived, designed, developed and tailor made on specific customer requirements.


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