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Totem selfie with HD high resolution touch screen 23 inches.

The frames and graphics are customizable, just send us the files in the formats indicated by us, and will be included in the App of the totem, ready to entertain guests!

Frames and props for breathtaking selfies!

The selfie totem in the new “light” configuration, with a stand and built-in lighting system.

Camera and HD screen

Selfie totem with camera and HD screen (in “light” and “booth” versions) with a 23 “high resolution touch screen with customizable Active Pics software, which allows users to take their own selfie by adding and personalizing the photo with graphics , frames, digital objects and an editable text with selectable colors and fonts, all in touch screen mode, displaying the result on the screen in real time.

The only Totem selfie on the market that allows such a high degree of interactivity and entertrainment !!!

Totem Selfie - smart and lite

Shooting is done by positioning yourself in front of the totem by pressing the Self-timer button (5 – 10 sec). The photos can be shared with the sending of an email notification, with which you access a personalized web page that, with a simple click, offers the possibility of sharing on Facebook and Twitter as well as being able to download directly to the personal device or PC.


totem selfie - self timer“ width=


Guests will instantly receive the photo and can share it on social networks or download it on their device.
IBy sending the photo on a private link, our Totem Selfie operates in full compliance with the regulations on privacy.


Thanks to e-mail, to download or share the selfie (fully customizable with graphics and ad-hoc texts), Totem Selfie guarantees total privacy control to users.


Selfie ospite su pagina privata

The guest photo can only be viewed via a link sent automatically by the selfie totem on his email.

How does it work?

The functioning of the Totem Selfie is very simple.

– Stand in front of the Totem and press the Shutter button (Self Timer setting with count down)
– Choose the graphics or the frames, looking at the effect directly on your photo
– Add any digital objects (Props) and / or text on the photo
– digit your email
– Print the photo (optional).

Watch the video

Totem selfie with HD touch screen 23 ‘high resolution. With customizable software with customer graphics. Frames and props for breathtaking selfies!




Selfie Totem with camera and HD screen – Vertical

Selfie Totem that includes our App, reshaped in order to shoot selfies by showing the result on the LCD screen set on the totem in a vertical way.

The shoot will be done by placing yourself in front of the totem and pushing with the food a buzzer positioned on the ground. The shoten pictures goes directly on a dedicated web gallery, visible by framing the QrCode positioned on the totem front side.

Once opened the picture on the smartphone, the gallery gives the opportunity to share it on Facebook and Instagram by a click.
Moreover, on the graphic of the totem it would be possible to suggest an hashtag to be used for sharing pictures.
As an alternative, the guest can shoot with its smartphone a picture of the screen (high quality) by using Instagram and adding filters and effects.

Totem Selfie

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